Filled chocolates and truffles

All our filled chocolates are freshly made to order.  Chocolates are made using cream and real ingredients and no artificial preservatives are used.  Please consume all chocolates within the first two weeks of purchase. Also to preserve the taste please store in a cool dark and dry place, ideally between 12-15°C and away from any strong scents.  Chocolate, due to its high fat content, has the propensity to absorb odours. Provided all the necessary care was taken and the product still does not taste as it should, please notify us immediately.

Chocolate Bars/Figurines/Lollipops

These do not contain cream and therefore have a longer shelf life (3-6 months) when stored under the same conditions mentioned above.


We deliver for free in Ashtead and the immediate vicinity.  For more distant orders the delivery method is via royal mail, first class.  International deliveries will depend on the order quantity.  Please ensure someone will be there to accept.  if you have any special requests please get in touch at


Chocolates can be collected directly from us at any time of day.  Please contact us at info@aubelchocolate.


You have the right to cancel your order prior to the order being dispatched.  Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the delivery of the best quality products to you, if you would like to return due to product being damaged please get in touch, ideally on receipt of the product or within 4 days of receiving the goods. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product please get in touch for a full refund.