Beautiful Handmade Chocolate Made From The Finest Real Ingredients.

The Creation of AuBel

I specialise in the art of fine chocolate making.  After many years of working with one of the country’s leading chocolate companies, I wanted to create a more refined and exquisite chocolate; and so Aubel was born.

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Aubel chocolates are beautiful and indulgent created using just raw ingredients and some of the finest chocolate available. All the flavours are derived from the ingredients themselves and no artificial flavour aids are added.

The chocolates are carefully hand made using the finest ingredients to deliver the best tasting chocolates using everyday and some unusual ingredient and flavour combinations.

It all started when I left my job as a Technical Project Manager and had my two children.  I missed chocolate and most importantly I missed great tasting, unpretentious chocolate.  I decided I was going to create a product which was full of flavour and made from responsibly sourced ingredients. Although I know all things chocolate, the art of chocolate making required some training. In the build-up of my business I have attended a few courses with Chocolate Masters such as Mark Tilling and Keith Hurdman.  The courses inspired me further and from that Aubel was created to present a special box of chocolates that was aesthetically pleasing as well as meeting its expectations organoleptically.

The Chocolate

In my previous profession I was lucky enough not to just taste chocolate as part of quality control but also to detect contamination etc. Aubel_-189 The producers of the chocolate sourced have a direct and sustainable relationship with cocoa planters, which fits in perfectly with my philosophy.  I believe that fine chocolates should be accessible and available to all, not just the connoisseurs.  As much as we feel entitled to enjoy this amazing luxury we also need to make sure that the cocoa is sourced ethically and it’s sustainable. The demand for chocolate is growing rapidly and consuming small amounts of high quality chocolate would go some way to help prolong the sustainability of cocoa.

The chocolate is sourced from one of the best chocolate producers who work closely with the farmers using their well researched methods to obtain the best and purest flavour from the cocoa beans. The resultant chocolate is intensely dark and rich in cocoa.

From November 2016 AuBel will be introducing single origin chocolate produced by an award winning chocolate producer in Madagascar. Flavours and aromas of red fruits and citrus, light colours of Criollo and Trinitario from the finest Malagasy cocoa grown under the shade of the Sambirano organic rainforest in Northwest Madagascar. In the producer’s own words:The fine cocoa only grows in the Rainforest, creating a sustainable and growing haven for the endangered animals and fauna of Madagascar. The producers pay the farmers premium prices for harvesting the rare quality cocoa beans.  The chocolate is manufacture in Madagascar thus raising skills and ultimately standard of living at the point of origin.

This year, 2020, I have started developing my own chocolate from bean to bar and after a number of trial batches I am very pleased to be able to offer single origin Madagascar and single origin Venezuela bars.  However, the develompent into single origin beans to produce some exquisite chooclate would continue over the next year and all chocolate creations will be made from house bean to bar chocolate very soon.


Meet the Team

Chocolate is my passion. I have worked with chocolate since 1996 when I joined one of the UK’s favourite chocolate manufacturers.  After leaving work a few years ago to have my two wonderful children I decided to set up my own chocolate company.  The desire to create my own chocolates was driven by a real love for chocolate and flavours and the passion to create a selection box that showed true variety in taste and appearance.  I have created a varied range which I intend to expand by continually developing more recipes.

Natasha Sutton, Founder and Chocolatier