Beautiful Handmade Chocolates

Made With The Finest Ingredients



Natasha Sutton

Founder and Chocolatier

Chocolate is my passion. 

I had the privilege of working for one of the UK’s best loved chocolate manufacturers for 15 years.  After having a short family break I realised that chocolate is where my heart lies.  Having a good technical knowledge base and being a foodie myself, I retrained in the art of chocolate making. 

I wanted to create luxury fine artisan chocolates where the chocolate itself was the main star.  And so AuBel Chocolate was born.  These luxury artisan chocolates are created with chocolate that is ethically grown and produced.  The flavour delivery is key and it is important to me that the taste is pure and wholly derived from the ingredients themselves, without the use of flavour oils or essences.  Though I want my fine chocolates to look stunning and beautiful I try to achieve this by natural means and by minimising the use of food colours where possible. 

It is a real pleasure to have the artistic freedom to make these great tasting premium chocolates with the finest ingredients knowing that innovation isn’t likely to be influenced by consumer trends or by the technical limitations of a processing plant.


Bespoke handcrafted chocolates 

Quite simply, Natasha makes the best chocolates I have ever tasted. And I have tasted a lot of chocolate.”

Heather Tewkesbury, Chief Operating Officer at Smith Institute